The single portions

Small portions are increasingly loved by consumers and reflect a change in the habits of families and society itself. For this reason, for the past few years, our company has also successfully entered the production of single-portion buckets. The choice is also popular because, in addition to meeting our customers’ needs, it is practical and makes it suitable for avoiding unnecessary waste while respecting the environment. The line comes in 200 g and 450 g formats in oil, with the references covering all product lines (sea, land, olives, stuffed, sauces and patés). The line is also enriched with formats in MAP, an innovative packaging method that allows minimal amounts of oil to be used for preservation, enabling the products to maintain their organoleptic properties. The standard format is 150 g, but it can vary according to customer needs, countries, targets and markets in which they operate, for which we develop ad hoc solutions.
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