Cod. 081

Sun-dried tomatoes paté

Paté di pomodori secchi

Getrockneten Tomatenpaste

Tapenade de Tomates sèchèes

Delicious sauce with a strong and distinctive flavour. Made from our sun-dried tomatoes, sunflower seed oil, mint, basil, oregano, garlic, fennel and capers. A real treat for the palate.

Patés lend themselves to use in many recipes. Great as an appetizer or aperitif on bruschetta, or to stuff tasty sandwiches. It is an ideal condiment for pasta or rice dishes and to tastefully garnish meat or fish main courses.

Code Net weight Packaging Shelf life
081 1 kg Bucket 180 days
081 500 g Bucket 180 days
081 200 g Bucket 210 days